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      Hello Everyone,



      I am needing some help in picking out a decent camera to record the shows that my band puts on.


      I currently have been using a an older model JVC Mini DV camcorder with decent results, but I would like to make the jump to HD. For what we are going to use it for I am not sure how high a level camera I really need to go, or if a smaller entry level camera would achieve good results.


      My end objective would be to capture HD footage for our own viewing pleasure and possibly even be able to produce a DVD for some of the larger shows. Some of the clips I am sure would also find their way to our website.


      Here is what I am looking for:

      1.Both Indoor and Outdoor use. Ususally well lit, but some outdoor shows are in the evening time.


      2.I like HDD or SD card media, simpily because most of our shows run 2-3 hours and I am not always able to change the Mini DV tapes every hour.


      3. Would like an external mic jack. (Sound isn't as critical as I am also recording direct off the soundboard to my computer.)


      4. Price around 400-500$ would be ideal. Dosn't necessarly have to be the lastest greatest or have a ton of features as long as it gets a good image. Not opposed to used equip


      I have been looking at possibly the Canon HF M50 or M52. I really don't know too much about any other brands or models


      Hoping some of you may have some hands on experience, but any help or guidance would be greatly apprecieated.



      Thanks in advance,



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      A friend of mine got interested in videotaping bands in clubs. He sent me some DVD's of his results. It didn't take me very long to get extremely bored with a single static camera angle!

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      Hi Bill – sadly, neither the M50 nor the M52 have mic inputs, so they don't seem to be ideal cameras for your needs.


      At your price point, I recommend the $475 Panasonic FZ200 with a $5 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter for Panasonic's non-standard mic input, so you can use standard microphones.  This is a 24x zoom camera with a constant f2.8 lens for great low light performance – and 1080/60p for capturing faster movement than the Canons' lower 1080/24p frame rate.  Here is what it can do in a club setting (please watch at 720p):



      And in a concert setting (please watch at 1080p):




      The non European version of this camera will record for hours.



      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution




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