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      I am making the transition from still photography to HD videography. I have allotted $3000 of my budget to go to a new 4K camera. I will primarily be recording outdoor fishing and hunting short films and commercials. I need some help picking the right camera for my use. I’m sure there are a lot of DSLR versus camcorder threads on this forum. However I need help deciding which one works better for me. I’m a Nikon shooter and if I go with a d500 I can still use all my lenses. However I feel a camcorder would serve me better. Since a lot of my videos will be shot on a rocking boat image stabilization is very important. I also need something that requires minimal time to set up and performs very well on auto. This is because most of the time I do not have any time to set up the camera before the shot something is already happening and I need to grab the camera and get the shot. I am purchasing inspire 1 raw drone so any cameras that use micro 4/3 lenses will be considered. XLR audio inputs are also plus but not required. If you’ve ever seen shows like Scott Martin challenge or Into the Blue you’ll understand what I’m trying to shoot. My list is narrowed down to the Panasonic hcx1000, gh4, Nikon d500, cannon xc10, Sony fdr ax100. If anyone can help me make decision or tell me a camera that I haven’t considered yet I appreciate any help. I would also like to know if a fully pimped out 5K 27 inch iMac would handle editing all my footage.

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