Need Help! (New To Editing/Videography)

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Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me name the effect/technique used throughout this music video to invert:

As well as maybe point me in the direction of a tutorial.
And also for this one (I tried motion tracking text tutorials, but none of them showed how to stick the text to an object secured and have it follow it off screen):


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For video #1, I would use either the Mirror effect or Track Motion on a duplicate track in Sony Vegas Pro.
I know that After Effects has the tools to do what you see done with text in video #2.


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Hi BDubs

In addition to Mike's advice, Final Cut Pro X also has an Effect called Mirror which does exactly what you are seeing in your Video #1 (I've used it myself). I'm not sure about the effect in Video #2, but I think that could be achieved in Apple's Motion app, which works complementary to Final Cut Pro X. Both apps are available on Apple's App Store (but of course you need to be working on a Mac).