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      I am an event photographer.
      I have 2 people which I am training now to be second shooter and main shooters.
      My goals are to (once they are ready) start getting into video.
      I found there is very little wish to help me with that among my fellow photographers who does video, I guess they are afraid of the competition.
      So I did buy a Panasonic G7 with a good image stabilized lens.
      Got all the basic equipment but I lack is the knowledge how to use it.
      I am going through youtube to find a helpful tutorials on videography basics but all I am getting is how to set the camera and then from their the jump is to higher levels.
      I cant seem to find the basic of how to shoot a basic video, how to pan, when to pan.
      How to shoot a couple together, what motions I need to do, the very basics and I am feeling clueless.

      Was wondering if any of you guys can be kind enough to share a videos who can explain the basics of videography.

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