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      I bought a Sony TX-20 camera thinking it was 1080p (as it said in specs) but when I got it, it was 1080i or 720p (which was frustrating and to late to return after I realised) (at least it is a tough camera and takes really good photos).  Anyway, I really need some help deciding what new camcorder (or other form of a video camera) that I want to buy.  I have a budget of $300 max.  I am planning on winning 1 or 2 categories in a local film festival (very easy to do it, I am 15 and not many people enter decent stuff) to help fund it.  I am open to any suggestions but it has to meet the following criteria.:
      Shoots 1080p (with decent quality any FPS > 25) 
      Has a decent battery life, more than 1 hour (whether that is with aftermarket battery or not)
      Has optical zoom
      *REALLY PREFFERED Optical stabilizer
      *REALLY PREFFERED I would like a mic input
      *Does not have to shoot good pics, I have a DSL-R (old but good) and my TX-20 
      I have got a list of potential candidates so far (order of most preffered, are they good?):
      1) Sony HDR-CX220 Handycam
      2) JVC HD Eerio GZ-HM445 (hard to find this one)
      3) Toshiba camileo X100
      4) (you will probably laugh but it has full HD) Kodak Playsport ZX-5 Thanks, sooooooooo much! I really don't want to be dissapointed like my last big purchase!
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      hello Jabalone,

        I recently purchased a Fuji Fine pix HS30exr that I am quite happy with, it shoots 16 mpg stills and 1080 video and has an option to manually focus I liked it so much I bought a second one and used them to shoot a job. i found it at Costco for $239.99 but they are now soold out, but you can find them or the newest upgrade at B&H photo in the $300.00 range.

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      Hi Jabalone – sadly, the $313 Fuji Finepix HS30EXR Chuck recommended doesn't have a mic input.


      Regarding the cameras on your list, none of them have an external mic jack and you won't be able to buy the £136 JVC HD Everio GZ-HM445 unless you are in the UK (Trusted Reviews is a UK site).


      If a mic input is important to you, I would try to raise a few extra dollars and get something like a $389 Nikon P7700.  Mic input, full 1080p, articulated LCD and fully adjustable aperture, ISO and shutter speed in video mode.


      Here is what this camera can do (please watch at 1080p):



      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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      I would like the nikkon P7700 but can't justify spending that much for the video specs :(.  (my parents probably woudn't let me spend that much either :p)  Also thanks for the HS30 suggestion, but it is a lot more than a camcorder that could shoot those specs and way over my limit.


      Well the JVC, Toshiba and Kodak are out (I looked at reviews and did some research).


      What is your take on the Sony Handycam HDR-CX220 (or the CX230, same except 8gb flash memory)? I really like it for the price. it shoots 1080p 60FPS and has Optical Image Stabilizer.  I would up my budget a little if this is decent 🙂

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      BTW I can get the Sony HDR-CX220 from jbhifi for $297 BUT buy it at for $297 (price match guarantee) and then have the teds 14 day no questions return!

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      The Canon Vixia HF R300 and R400 sells for under $300 and meets most of your requirements. 

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      Thanks for everything!

      I now have a shortlist. (Hooray!)


      1) Sony HDR-CX220 Handycam

      2) Canon Vixia HF R406 (basically Australian version of the R400 I think)


      Thanks for any suggestions for which one!

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      I have the Sony CX230 and love it.  Very light and easy to tote around.

      Would I buy the same camcorder again?  Absolutely.  Got mine for

      $219 at Sam's Club and Best Buy has them for $229 when they're

      on sale.


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      Jabalone – what is the big deal about 60p? I have just discovered that I can't export to Blu-ray at 60p, but it works great at 60i. Using the Sony HDR-TD 10 camcorder in 2D mode, editing in Premiere Pro CS4. I'm thinking there is some limitation in the Blu-ray standard that doesn't permit 60p. Still researching it, but make sure that is an important spec before you spend unnecessarily.


      Gary Eickmeier

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