need help for a whale hunting documentary shooting.

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       I'm Remi, unf I'm absolutely new to film making and I have no experience with cameras before. I just own a DSLR (nikon d5000) and love shooting photos. But, I have never tried to shoot any serious movie with it. 
      I just have an idea to make a documentary film about a small village in Indonesia where people still hunt whales with traditional boats and equipment.
      I'm a bit confused with all the cams on the market, then I decided to shoot with a GoPro hero 3 Black Edition and with another camera for which I need help to chose.
      Mostly I will use the other camera for interviews, and if I can find a way to secure (to be waterproof) it for the real action on a small boat, I will need to capture some fast movements too,like when the whale hunter is jumping from the boat to catch the whale. 
      Of course I have a small budget πŸ™ what would be around 600-800$ without the GoPro but with other necesarry equipments like mic, and idk what else will I still need for this.
      I would ask for sugestions for cameras or, if it fits this task DSLR's which I could use also on my further documentary shootings.
      Oh, and cams or dslrs with slow motion and with ability to shoot in low lights would have a priority,but if it's not fitting the budget then anyway the GoPro has slow mo.
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      Hi Remi,


       I haven't used the GoPro 3 but I have a 2. I've also gotten a Sony HDR-AS15 last fall, its Sony's Action Cam. I can tell you one major difference that I like about the Sony is the audio if you need it in a pinch. It has surprising audio for the camera cost and size. Also it is very reliable using a smart phone with it for framing. The picture is good, just needs a little de-noising and color adjustment in post since it is a little blueish but other than that it would fit your budget well.


      As small as your budget and going water proof I would recommend it as you could get two of them and cover the action on the water better. Personally I believe the Sony does a bit better in low light as well. 

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      Hi Remi – with your budget, I would get the $549 Sony GW77 waterproof camera with 10:1 zoom, an LCD, and 1080/60p slow motion. It doesn't have an external mic input, so you would have to record dual system sound with something like a $138 Tascam 4 channel recorder with XLR mic inputs for a professional lavalier mic like the $199 Audio Technica AT899.


      The GW77 can produce results like this in the maritime environment:



      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Hi, Woody,Bill. Thanks a lot for your suggestions!


      Bill, for the underwater I plan to use the GoPro, I won't need sound for that. The other cam I'll need for interviews so I will need the mic input. Anyway thx for the suggestion, nice vid!

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