Need help finding a good camera setup for upcoming YouTube show.

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      I’m hoping some kinder more experienced folk can help me figure out the direction I should be going for as far as video set up goes, or at least to help me narrow my options down.

      The YouTube show will be primarily shot on location in my hometown though some situations will require travel for on the spot recording.

      This show will have myself, a co host and 4 guests per episode. With the way I’m designing the set I’m looking at a 3 camera setup so pricing of the cameras is a thing.

      As this is just for the web I don’t think 4k is a big need.

      However professional quality is a MUST.

      I was looking at the 80D But the continuous recording of only 30 minutes is a real turn off as this shows run time before editing is several hours.

      I was also looking at the gh5 but I can’t spend 2000 x3 plus lenses. Plus that auto focus though…

      I also shoot travel vlogging, jackass type stunts, etc.

      And some still shooting, but not much.

      So it would be nice to be able to use one or more of the cameras for such things when I’m traveling instead of having to buy a 4th camera for such needs, though I will if I have to. For these needs a front facing flip out view finder is very important. 4k is more desirable but still not a need.

      Also been looking at the G85 but not sure if the lack of a headphone jack is a killer or not considering I need to run audio for 6 different people.

      Thoughts and opinions?

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      Been looking lately at g85s, and pro camcorders like a JVC. Cameras will be relatively close to the participants



      This is the show that I’m reviving. This is about 5 years old, shot in my lawyers office.

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      Have you ever thought of getting a camcorder instead of DSLRs? DSLRs tend to be more expensive, also recording time is usually much shorter than camcorders. Consider that your videos are for the web, videos shot with camcorder can definitely do the work. Camcorders usually have a flip screen and external microphone jack. They are cheaper, recording time can last for hours as they are meant for videos. What’s more their storage capacity is much better than DSLRs.

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      I think if I was doing Multicam for the web, then I’d be looking at HD modest camcorders and a trickster – they’re ideal for this kind of thing and you see second hand ones at very good prices. Most camcorders have decent viewfinders and ins and outs that can make a working system. Tricasters can do audio too – and the gizmos often mean you can preset the cameras and do what appear to be moves like zooms and cropping from. the full frame. Have a look at their demos and producing real looking programmes with virtual sets is pretty painless. Lots of their demos are controlled by the presenter and with a bit of practice they can do amazing stuff. If you go 4K and large numbers of inputs they get expensive – but many users upgrade leaving the smaller input versions pretty good value.

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      I’ve had good success with the Panasonic DMC-G7.
      I purchased 2 additional lenses, wide angle and 50, equivalent for a faster f-stop.

      What is your budget? Have you considered live switching and recording a ‘line cut’, then iso recording each camera for edits? Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers are great for this starting at about $995.

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