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      Hi guys, I'm an aspiring entrepreneur and I’m trying to make a video showing a product concept I’ve got. To do this, I need take a video of a hand from a stationary camera and crop it out into its own video. I then need to convert that into a shadow and paste it over another video.


      I’m an electrical engineer and I’m pretty computer savvy, but I’ve never done anything like this before. Is there free software that you could recommend for performing this that wouldn’t take too long to ramp up on?

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      Adobe Premiere Pro should handle this task.  It's pretty easy to master, especially with all the tutorials floating around on the "Interweb".  Perhaps you could acquire the trial version?

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      Doesn't adobe offer their entire suite of tools for like $50 a month now? you could just subscribe do what you need and drop it.

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      Adobe Premiere Pro or go for Camtasia Studio 7 both of them can make your stuff pretty cool.

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