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      I’ve been filming for about ten years. Self taught , never had any money just did it for fun to make people happy. Ive Always used premier elements and a small hvac everio for a camera. Recently my works gotten more positive attention. Making the honorable mention for a contest for motocross (the sport I film) but with that I’ve dealt with significant criticism from the haters about my camera quality. I’ve taken offense to it because I’ve never been able to afford much and never charged people to film. A few fans took up a donation and I have some money towards a new camera. The only problem is I don’t know what I’m looking at! Being self taught I don’t know much, I know that I like the cams with hard drives or s.d. But my main Questions are

      1: what should I be looking for in a camera
      2. Camera suggestions for what I do under 1200
      3. Program suggestions for what I do

      I’ve attached a link to my Vimeo so you can get an idea of what I do.

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      Hi Nick,
      Cool video. You may not need additional equipment, necessarily, but perhaps tweaking the settings on what you have can help. What do you shoot with now?

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