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      Me and my friend are starting up a youtube channel for pranks. We have asked on here before about camcorders and thanks to the forums help, found a great camcorder. We have some more money and want a dslr. Were looking in the 500 dollar range and i would like something really good for videos. We will be shooting at night and daytime and already have a sound system. Just looking for the best one possible technology wise!

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      You might not be able to find anything new at that price point. However, you can probably get a used Panasonic GH2 for around that. It’s mirrorless, which means that it functions like a DSLR, but without the mirror. Look on eBay.

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      Hi Shawn_morgan32 – I would avoid DSLRs (especially Canon DSLRs) for video.

      In your price range, they lack:

      – 1080/60fps for smooth HD slow motion (they are limited to 30 frames per second)

      – a usable viewfinder when you switch to “Live View” (video) mode

      – compatibility with affordable power zoom lenses

      – the ability to record for more than 30 minutes continuously

      – a built-in intervalometer

      Plus, Canon DSLRs in this price range suffer from a phenomenon known as “moire” as the result of poor downscaling.

      Panasonic G and GH cameras, for example, have a better downscaling algorithm. Here are a couple of side-by-sides between the Canon 60D and a moire-resistant Panasonic GH camera:

      Newer Canon cameras are not much better. Here is a side-by-side between the Canon 60D and 70D:

      Instead of a DSLR, you might want to consider a moire-resistant mirrorless camera such as the $515 Panasonic G6 (brand new with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty):

      This camera has a viewfinder that actually works while you’re recording video, has a built-in intervalometer for time lapse, records at up to 1080/60p for smooth slow motion, records for hours continuously (instead of minutes), has a lens with a silent autofocus motor and is compatible with affordable power zoom lenses.

      Here is what this camera can do:


      Music Video


      Slow Motion/Sport


      Travel Video


      It is a capable still camera too:

      In my view, this is the best large sensor, interchangeable lens still/video camera you can buy for around $500.

      Hope this is helpful and good luck with whatever camera you decide to buy!

      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      I agree with Bill. The G6 is probably your best bet in this price range.

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