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      So. I fish.. a lot from my kayak here in Florida.  I have one sponsor and hoping to lock down another this week.  I video everything I can the best I can by myself with my two gopro soon to be 3 (i hope).  Basically I am not AMAZING when it comes to making AMAZING videos.  so I want someone to sorta help me learn a few new things and how to make some killer videos.  
      My dream/goal is to really bring fishing to a whole new level.  Getting kids EXCITED to go and get off the couch and such.  I have a lot of cool strikes on top water and fish jumps that would be SWEET clips for effects and such and I really want someone who knows what they are doing to help me.. I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects.   
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      Actually for the beginners, the Premiere Pro and after effects are a little to complicated, firstly you need to know who are your audiance, then choose the right video topic. As for how amazaing the video would be, it's mainly depends on the view of the director I think, that's depends on expirence, take it slow, take it seriously.

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      Hi abenak89,


      smartpixel is right. It's more important that you determine a show format and structure before you begin editing and shooting footage. You'll have to decide whether you're catering to young adults, kids, retirees, or to every single age group. Depending on your answer to that, you may want to make the editing pace quick and comedic (for kids), quick, flashy, and informative (for young adults), or medium paced and informative (for retirees).


      Once you know which style you want, it will be easiest to hire a motion graphic artist (someone who knows After Effects) to make a show opener and closer for you. This will give your video some class right off the bat with viewers and can be used over and over again so it's a good investment. Like smartpixel said, it takes time to get good at using After Effects so I would slowly ease into it by trying some short tutorials online or doing very small projects with it for a client (preferrably one that doesn't need the project to be finished in a short amount of time)


      Next, since it sounds like it will just be you out on the water fishing and shooting, you'll want to invest in a good wireless microphone system that can be mishandled and still keep on ticking as well as a wireless pack that has good battery life. The best wireless system for this would be the Sennheiser G3 or G2 wireless microphone kit: Though it's fairly expensive, it is the standard for video professionals, sounds good, has a long range, and can take a hard hit and still keep working. I think you'll find that your life is a lot easier when using the Sennheiser G3 system.


      You may also want to convince a friend or a son or daughter (if you have one) to come out with you on your fishing adventures. This way, you can get them to help you capture your fishing success with a better camera than the GoPro and without visual distortion. You'll be amazed at how much more interesting your video can be with someone panning and tilting the camera while you capture a fish as well as being able to see over the edge of the boat where the fish is surfacing. This "recruit" could also keep an eye on your audio levels to make sure that your audio never gets too loud or "peaks" on the camera which will sound bad.


      As for editing, there are a ton of free tutorials online that can help you get familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro 6 (which I think is a great editing application). I would suggest putting your nose to the grindstone and watching a host of tutorial videos so that you can get familiar with the Adobe editing software. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Here are some links to great websites with a lot of lessons on Premiere Pro CS6: 









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