Need external Mic for Nikon D3200

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      Hello All!


      I've recording videos using a Nikon D3200 and we are currently shooting at a Poker table and I'm looking to purchase an external mic. I'm wanting to pick up a mic/speaker like one would find in a conference call.. the triangle shaped ones since it would pick up all of the sound at the table level (we do prodect reviews and have multiple people at the table). 


      Do you all have any suggestions for mics? The ones I've seen are upwards of $500 and that seems absurd! 


      Thanks for any help. 

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      I use my D3200 on occasion for videos and I purchased the Rode VideoMic Pro. Great sound and very well built. I got it from B&H and I think I paid around $250.

      I use it when I don't want to set up boom mics or put a wireless lapel mic on the subject.


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      jr – in my view, you need an omnidirectional mic like this $35 tabletop conference mic from Amazon.  The Rode Videomic Pro is a great mic, but it is probably too directional for your application.


      Good luck!



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