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      Hi, This is my first time on a forum. I’ve never had much presence online . It would be great if i could talk to people and get some ideas. i just started providing video editing service on fiverr. started a website too. i actually quit my job to build this website and start video editing service because its what i love to do. I’ve not been getting a single order. What could i be doing wrong. I’d love to make some friends online

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      Hey Francis, it’s obvious how skilled you are! The major thing is that it’s so busy! As I watch it I want to see how it can help me as the consumer but when I watch your demo I get lost in all the reading, all the lines criss crossing, that the whole point gets lost. So I suppose telling the story has been sacrificed for you showing off how technically savy you are. Also there doesn’t feel to be any humanity in it… no feeling, so it seems kind of too technical. Sorry to say but I’d do it over. I’d put yourself up there talking to the cam or do a slide show with your voice over and making it personal! Hope that helps. Success to you. Don’t give up.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      Ahhh, the old, “I built a website, why am I not rich yet?”, question. Let’s address the website only, and not your skills…

      1) Can your site be found at the top of the search engine listings?

      2) How much traffic (unique visitors) does your site get per day?

      I have a feeling that you’re simply not getting ‘found’. Remember your site is now one-in-a-billion other sites on the web. I designed sites and did SEO/SEM for 20 years. In other words, I “drove” traffic to my clients’ sites. You can’t just build a site and hope it gets found.

      In viewing your site, it reads like a get-rich-quick scheme. Your services page is incomplete. It shows two services, then a list of services that you never filled in (very unprofessional across the board). The two services that you do list, have no examples of your work, or customer testimonials. In this day and age, you must support your words with examples. Professional people don’t want to read about making money online. They want to quickly see your services, and what you can do for them. Your homepage alone says nothing about what you offer. Trust me, no one wants to read that stuff about making money on the web. So many of my clients need videos produced for movie theaters and television – neither of which have anything to do with selling online.

      Your homepage should be all about video editing and website development (period).

      Hope that helps.

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      Starting Out.

      Guess your biggest problem must be no job and no income. Maybe one way to access cash flow, would be to identify local business, that have a web site with no or poor/old video. You produce a storyboard video for their web site (without their knowledge) and present them with your production sample (watermarked) and see what happens. At least then your talking to some potential customers.

      Also checkout other similar options to fiverr, like Airtasker.

      Agree 1000% concerning “top of the search engine listings”

      The rule I was taught that applied to on screen titles was that the title remained on the screen long enough for you to be able to read out aloud, twice.

      Trust that helps and good luck.

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      It’s a shame that you’ve quit your day job. It would have been useful while you undertook market research to see if anyone needed “video editing services.” I’m afraid that you’ll discover there surprisingly little call for this.

      In the past year, our company has had less than a half dozen jobs that were only editing. One consisted of editing raw footage shot at a wedding by the bride’s father; one consisted of editing three hours of video footage and more than 5,000 still pictures from an African safari, while a third used seven hours of film, transferred to digital tape, to create a four hour family history. with voice-over narration.

      Except for commercial/business projects, which typically include shooting as well as editing, there doesn’t appear to be much call for editing. People shoot with their iPhone and post the material to Facebook and YouTube. Rocky M’s suggestion to shop your services to businesses is o.k., but plan on spending lots of time generating perhaps surprisingly few responses. Many businesses that can afford video for their web sites have done it already, and increasingly businesses are using cell phone video to produce promotional material in-house.

      As far as your web site is concerned, it does virtually nothing to demonstrate your talents as an editor. Flashing lots of words on the screen tells us nothing, and the repetitive “music” bed is far more annoying than evocative. Moreover, the site doesn’t really have a call to action, and does little to promote the idea that video has place in marketing.

      People come to a web site because they’re looking for something: “Where do I go to get my VHS tapes transferred to DVD.” Where do I go to have someone combine the video from my several friend’s iPhone into a single DVD that tells the story of my wedding:” etc.Your web site should tell exactly what services you offer, and perhaps show some of the work you can do.

      Good luck with your venture.

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      Your video is very busy and you’re selling the steak, not the sizzle. Your focus is on technical jargon like lower thirds, titles, etc. If that’s how you do it, you won’t get or keep many customers. Coke and Pepsi don’t focus on the taste of their product, they show people drinking it and having fun, smiling, happy – the sizzle. If someone came to you and asked for a video to sell their webpage or product, to do exactly what you do, is this the video you would produce? You have the skills for technical stuff, but everything goes by too fast, too technical, no humor, no sizzle. I’m impressed by your skills, but not by your script writing, concept development, and execution. Here is a poor example as it’s 30 seconds of script and concept development: A) Show how they contact you – Fivver, phone, email, B) show meeting you at their business (example, a furniture store); C) Development; D) Shoot on site – show people smiling happy, do something funny or interesting (someone gets bumped and customer spills a little drink on leather recliner they’re looking at; salesperson’s face shows “no problem” and uses a wipe to easily clean it.); E) during showing this, zoom out and show you are actually at your editing console, producing the video; F) Show the happy recliner customer at home, resting in their new recliner, with a big smile as they close their eyes in comfort. G) You have a good appearance, so close with you onscreen telling audience you can do this for them – video production, script, concept, web page development. Close with how to contact you, again. Buy ads on Youtube. Google ad words is expensive, but effective and you can set your budget. Youtube ads work also. Are you on Craigslist? Send out a sample 100 snail mail brochures to 100 target businesses. Maybe include a sample DVD or flash drive of your work (people see that as an item of value are won’t readily throw away your advertising). 1) you need a better video; 2) you need better, multi-media, marketing; 3) Direct contact always sells better than 3rd person or non-contact media or any other method. Get on the street and talk to potential customers, businesses, etc. Have a business card, a brochure, and a sample, like DVD or flash drive. Try burning a mini DVD. A written link isn’t that effective. Follow up with an email once you have the potential company’s decision maker’s direct email, and include a link to your sample video. Make up 2 or 5 samples – give them away to some customers and hope they hire you for their next ad campaign. But they better be good and effective. Even starting out, if you aren’t effective at selling, hire someone who is who will hit the streets for you, train them on pricing and selling your product (or just a lead and then come back and work with you on the bid), and give them a healthy % of sales (like 15% to 30%). No sales, no cost to you. They have to be able to make a living selling, and enough for you to do likewise producing. Have a covenant not to compete clause so they don’t try producing themselves. It gets complicated: welcome to the world of self-employed and business. Do you have a business license? Insurance? IRS EIN? Formal LLC or Inc business? Business bank account so you can deposit your first check?

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      Thanks again for all the reply guys! It’s my first time experience on a forum and i really feel like I’ve found a family online. So thankful for taking the time and all the honest opinions. I Love you guys. I was checking out your websites, i love the work you guys do.! You guys have a lot of experience.

      By the way, Here’s a video sample of what i do on videos provided by real estate companies. But i have just 3 clients. I’m planing on starting a niche website that focuses on getting similar work, I could just read all of the replies and could work on that. But beside that, anything else i should keep in mind about starting out and how to go about finding clients online. I’d really appreciate more advice because i’d be coming here every now and then to read the all of your comments. They have a lot of info in them i could use like forever

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      Forgive me – but is fiverr the best place to advertise expensive professional services? I don’t use it myself because I assumed it was full of students and people with a b it of spare time?

      Like Jack, very little of our work is editing – in fact, the consumer’s impression on editing is that it’s done in a computer so should be quick, and therefore cheap. From time to time we say yes (usually if work is a bit slack) and usually regret it. One job we worked on for a while was a multi camera music shoot – all the material supplied. After three days, we’d just about got the material in, in the correct order and synced. The client wanted to know if it was done? We’re just about to start the edit now, it’s taken three days because you gave us so much material – as in something like 10 hours worth of running time. Then the dreaded “money’s a bit tight, how much …..”. We had told him time was expensive, and had given him examples of how much this would cost. Clearly he had not understood. But the show was only 2 x 45 minute sets? Even if you double that that’s only 3 hours or so? So far we’re 20 odd hours in. He asked us to edit the first song so he could tell if it was a goer as a project. We did. That three minutes from the day the material arrived took nearly 27 hours of work. When told how much he was into the project for, he baulked and has done a runner. He’s not avoiding us, he says, just misunderstood how much he’d need to set aside to pay for it.

      Still, I have three nice external drives if he really does vanish.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      The web address and the site itself appear to be part of a quick cash money making scheme…?

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      Thanks a lot my friend. You’re right. I was in a hurry to get out there and make things work. I really should take things slow and rework the video. Appreciate your advice. Thanks a lot! Thank you!

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      Thanks a lot, Thank you soooo much for the reply and your views on the website. The website was actually purchased by a friend of mine and he’s no longer using it, he said we could manage it together. So i took over by just providing some services as i’m just starting out with all of the freelancing career. I really appreciate you taking time and checking it out. So valuable what you just said, I get it now! I’ll be sure to use your advice next year when i start one my own. Thanks you so much for the advice.

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      Helped me a lot my friend. I’ve started working on fiverr and it’s been working out quite well for me.
      Appreciate what you said about identifying local business. I will surely try that out. Thank you so much. You guys are so amazing. I’m just glad i joined this forum. Been getting a lot of good advice.

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      Great advice jack! The market research would have helped a lot. Thanks for the info about the scope for video editing. I Just quit my first job to start something on my own. Listening to your advice kind of opened my eyes. Me and my friend,we’re also good with explainer videos and motion graphics. We will surely looking into other providing other services.

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      I’m so sorry for wasting your time. Like i said, my friend started this website using WordPress with no experience (to teach people the ways how you can make money online) and wanted me to collaborate, I’m good with video editing and motion graphics. Shouldn’t have wasted your time, but your views on it really gave me an idea of what i should learn and change about starting a business online,All of the advice’s were so useful and most of the stuff i learned here would surely benefit me. I’m planing to change a lot of things thanks to you guys! Thanks for taking time and telling me all this.

      I know even the name of the website doesn’t match the work that i provide. I know it looks funny and we both are just putting in random stuf to start learning, I’m going to focus on a particular line of services and not collaborate with other random stuff that my friends do. After a few months, I’m going to launch another website that provides only the services. I’m also learning animation. I’ve really understood the changes i need to make thanks to you guys!

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      Thanks! You’re awesome! No, i’m just freelancing at the moment. Dont have a business licence. I’m just starting out and i’m also into flat design animation. I really could do a lot but had no portfolio and so, was in a hurry to show people all the stuff i could do. I was so impatient. I understand by the examples and advice’s you gave me, that i really need to take things slow and think more about my strategy. I’m gonna come back and read this every week to see i’m on the right track. Thank you so much . Appreciate it my friend.

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