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      my first post…forgive any mistakes.
      I am looking to make long form videos with music…about 40 minutes long each. I need hi quality images (HD)..this will be projected on a large screen, and Hi quality audio (wav files ot mp3, at the least).
      what software and hardware should I get?
      seems like I need a fast computer, a good camera (have a canon rebel 60 DSLR) and some software. I am not a kid, I know this will take work. I am up for it, What do you suggest?

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    It really depends on what types of videos you’ll be producing. Obviously, the more power you have in your computer, the better. But if you’re just starting out, your videos will probably be pretty basic, in which case you won’t need too much power. I would recommend starting out with an easy-to-learn software, like Sony Movie Studio.

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    Mike’s is an excellent suggestion. Then when you’re up to speed you can graduate to Sony Vegas Pro without having to re-learn very much.

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