Need Advice for Purchasing Wireless Mics

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Hello everyone, small disclaimer, I thought I did post this content succesfully only to find it not there. Apologies if I'm posting twice. If the option is available keep this one, it's better constructed than the previous one.

We are starting a small filming venture. We are purchasing two Canon XA-30s, these have two XLR audio inputs. We would like to buy two wireless microphones that we can use with the setup but I have no idea what to base the purchases on. I've done some research but I'm not confident I understand what I need to yet.

Here are some questions I need help with. Would really appreciate it.
1. Can I buy only one receiver and two transmitters?
2. Are there transmitters that can run differwnt mics? Probably going to use lavs to start but would like the option of something else.
3. Someone said I need to get a receiver with a straight XLR jack and not to use a converter as this can cause problems. I don't understand what the problem might be and how valid this is.
4. I don't want to buy low quality, but it's a new venture so I don't want to overspend. Which good quality brand has an entry level range that can provide what we need in relation to the questions above?
5. What would I then physically buy? What would the mic setup look like?

Thank you in advance - really do appreciate it.

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Not sure what to post here.

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Ok great. Thank you for the feedback.

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Audio, especially wireless audio, is one place not to skimp. We all have budgets but cheap audio produces noise and is generally unreliable.

You didn't mention if you need battery powered wireless or electric powered. Battery powered receivers are great for ENG or remote work, while electric good for studio or event work where your camera is more likely to be stationary.

In the battery powered line, Sennheiser is a favorite of many production companies.
For electric powered units that are supremely quiet, I own a Shure system Shure's GLX-D system transmit a digital signal. The first time I used these, I was stunned how quiet they are.

Visit B&H Photo/Video They have a great website with lots of detail.

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