Need a suggestion for a videomaking camera (mirrorless or dslr)

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      Hi, my name is David. I’m Italian so sorry if my English isn’t that good lol I need your suggestion for a video making camera. My budget is about 1000 euros. What I want is a camera for professional video and to shoot short movies. Low light performance is really important to me. I’ll take any suggestions but I’ve seen these cameras already:
      Panasonic gh4
      Fuji x t20
      Sony a7
      Panasonic g80
      Please help me. Thank you.

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      AvatarTom Wyatt

      Hi David,

      For 1,000 EUR you can buy a second hand Sony A7S (Mark I). I've reccently bought one as I'm an events photographer/videographer and low light is also really important to me. There's no better low light performance camera in this price range than the A7S. I bought mine for 880 GDP (1,000 EUR).

      Here's a quick example of how it performs:

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