Need a high speed camera with a low budget.

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      Hello! I am brand new to this forum so i hope i am putting this in the correct place. 

      I am in need of a high speed camera that can shoot at least 500fps in full HD. Thats my minuimum requirement. I have done more than enough googling and snooping around forums and it looks like in order to get a slow motion capable camera you kind of have to be in that circle, or at least thats what it seems like.

      My budget is $500-$2000 but i would like to hear of anything below $10,000 as that may be a possibility someday. 

      I dont want any gimmicks or tricks with current cameras, i just want quality full HD slow motion. 

      Please help, i cant find anything! 

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      Brother Dan

      For that kind of speed, you're going to have to enter the $10k+ range. What is it you're shooting? 120fps is probably within reach of your current budget. I just bought a new camera, but I don't shoot anything really high speed, like auto racing or bullet impacts, so 60fps at 1080p has been sufficient for my needs, and most of the 120fps cams shoot that rate at 720p, which is still HD. Of course, depending on your editing system, mixed rates and resolutions can be an issue, although Premiere Pro handles those things quickly and easily.

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      Mark Green

      u1000 does 1920 x 1080 @ 160 fps and 1280 x 480 @ 500 fps for long periods of time based on SSD of the unit to which you attach it via USB3. Price seems to good to be true but the great video results tell it all much better than the words it would take to describe. u1000 is priced about $4,500 Awesome little cameras here, additional models for lower budgets up to astonishing 1 million fps models from a formerly hard to find company.

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