Need a good setup for shooting 3D under $1000

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      I have been trying to get into 3D shooting for a while now but I cant find any cameras with genlock for under $500. If i could get a list of cameras with genlock I would appreciate it. Or if you know of a cheaper way of going about it If I would love to hear about it.

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      Hi Cobra – your least expensive option is probably a $499 JVC GS-TD1 (shipped from Japan via Amazon).  You can download the English manual here.  This is a fully integrated 3D camcorder that also shoots 2D. This camera was released a couple of years ago, at the height of 3D's popularity, and there are still a few available. Its advantage is that the 3D lens is built-in and requires no calibration or adjustment.


      This camera got 9 out of 10 stars at Trusted Reviews in the UK, and it was a "Recommended Product" at


      The next step up is the $475 Panasonic HC-V720 3D-ready camcorder plus the separate $270 Panasonic VW-CLT2 3D adapter.  With the Panasonics, 3D is an optional accessory.  Yes, the adapters require some calibration, but you can take them off and use the the V720 as a standard 2D camcorder when 3D isn't needed.


      The "entry level" professional 3D solution is the $2120 Panasonic HDC-Z10000 – which is essentially Panasonic's pro AG-AC90 with a permanently attached 3D lens.  This one is pretty far above your $1000 price point, though.


      Hope this is helpful!



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      I guese My price range is about $1000 My problem is that I have to buy two cameras for filming Golf swings, so I was hoping to find 2 cameras that are somehow capable of shooting 3D together weither it by useing Genlock or whatever other method possible for a total of $1000. shooting video is just a hobby for me so all I really want is the ability to do all of it manually.

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      cheapest off the shelf solution will be go-pro's 3d rig….

      here's what I use for 3d shooting…
      2 flip cams (you could use any of these types of cameras)
      2 sony sr-12's
      and Go-pro's 3d software.


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      i don't use anything fancy… just a clacker or clap at the beginning and end points and use the audio spikes to sync inpost.

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      What would I need in order to use the Sony cameras for 3D as far as cables to sync them and software
      I have access to Adobe premier pro CS6 if that would work.

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