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      So I am in need of a full setup, camera, desktop (or laptop) , Lav Mics , maybe an Omni directional mic or boom also. I’ve got a list of the different cameras I’ve been researching, but any and all suggestions and advice will be very much appreciated.

      I am purchasing the camera for two business opportunities. My videography experience is limited, but I have done some in the past.

      So what I’m needing the perfect setup for:

      A very cool opportunity has came my way, an attorney has offered to let me be his legal videographer for all his depositions. (But I will be offering my services to all attorneys, starting a legal videography business)

      For Legal Videography the lions share of filming will be depositions. Video quality isn’t huge requirements for that, but either burnt in date and time is required and/or burnt in timecode. There will be “Day in the Life” videos made for settlement cases occasional too.

      Audio is key, so a good set of LAV’s are required, I would like to go wireless but sound quality is a must and being able to stand up against cell phone interference. I’m not against using wired Lavs.

      The pay for legal videography is really good and will be my main way of recouping costs. Along with equipment advice if there are any legal videographers

      Now the other use (which will consist of my passion projects) is shooting content for an online magazine, this will mostly consist of documentary style sit down interviews and filming live events (Music shows, spoken word etc) and run and gun filming around town. Some of this may be in low light so a camera that can handle low light well and its built in mic (or a good boom mic) that can get good audio at music/live shows (when I am not able to plug into a sound board.)

      Most of the content would be uploaded on to the website, but I would like to eventually offer local businesses (probably those who advertise with the website) shooting of low-budget simple commercials either for their website or broadcast if they so choose.

      I know Legal Video doesn’t require a lot on the video quality end and most my other use will be for online loading, I would still like to have something that will not seem too outdated or obsolete.

      I would like to try and stay under 5k for everything (Camera, Computer, Audi equipment) Im also planning on using Adobes Premiere Pro and getting the whole bundle they offer for $20 a month.

      The Cameras I have been looking at are

      Panasonic AG-UX90 4K/HD Professional Camcorder

      Sony PX2-X70

      Canon XA20
      I have been looking at this Laptop, which seems to have everything needed but I imagine a desktop with these specs would be cheaper? Is there any all in one desktops (preferbly sold by bestbuy or on amazon) that you could recommend?

      Its the Asus-Zenbook-UX501VW-XS74T-TOUCHSCREEN
      Specs are
      Display: 15.6″ IPS UHD (3840 x 2160) Touchscreen Glossy Display | Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
      Processor: 6th Gen Intel® Skylake Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core (2.6GHz-3.5GHz, 6MB Intel® Smart Cache, 45W)
      RAM: 24GB (8GB Onboard + 16GB) DDR4 2133MHz (Free Upgrade from 16GB) | Hard Drive: 1TB Intel 600p NVMe SSD (Seq. Read 1800MB/s, Seq. Write 560MB/s)

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      What you need is a computer that can edit videos, like I have. Then you need cameras, I would get at least two, three would be better. Buy an 8 channel Audio Mixer, then find someplace you can rent the needed microphones, (a Music Shop can help here) You may need desktop mics or lavaliere mics, renting them cuts down costs. Buy a Decent MP3 player that also records, this you save the Audio from the Mixer to. Buy all the needed cables to go from Mic to Audio Mixer (these might come with rented Mics) the cable to go from Main out to your MP3 recorder. The reason you need an Audio mixer is you may need to Mic more than 1 person, and one is loud speaker and the other a soft, an Audio Mixer fixes the Audio.

      Now what my Video Editing Beast Destop computer has. It has an Intel I7 8 core processor, 32 GB RAM, 16 GB Hard Drive, running both Windows 7 Pro/Linux Mint 18.1 Serena. My video Editing Program on the Windows side is Corel VideoStudioX10 and on the Linux side is KDenlive and Open Shot. I own 3 cameras, an Audio Mixer and all the cables and connectors I need. I used to shoot Weddings and Corporate Videos and Video Biographies. When I press render on 60 minute Video, it is rendered in under 2 minutes with this Beast of a machine.

      A LAPTOP, doing the same render would take hours if not days and turn you laptop into a brick for the length the render takes.

      For what your going to pay for that Laptop, you can buy and upgrade it with a couple big hard drives and one or two (SLI) Graphics Cards for a cheaper price than that.

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