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      Hello to all on the forum,
      I'm Xavier Bottet, I wanted to share with you the launch of the teaser for my upcoming motion comics. Here is a press release for the launch of the Facebook page where to see the first teaser.
      Xavier Bottet and Emmanuel Beaudry teamed into a new Motion comics project called "Near Humanity".
      Xavier Bottet is a French Art Director and motion artist living in Quebec.
      He has nearly 20 years of game development, he worked for companies like
      Atari, Gameloft, and lastly Sarbakan.
      Emmanuel Beaudry is a talented young writer, also video editor. He has been involved and rewarded on several projects like short movies, and
      corporate contents.
      We are pleased to announce the release of the first teaser for our upcoming motion comics: Near Humanity.
      We launch on friday the 15 of March, the Facebook page and the first short teaser about our project.
      Stay tuned as the long trailer is in the pipeline, soon to be released. It will reveal more details and more footages from our upcoming project.
      Our project is growing, and many partners get involved as for the promotion, than to support the project development. We'll start a crowd funding campaign sooner after the trailer's release, but we have other surprises to share as the project will get promoted.
      Thanks for the reading.
      Kind regards,
      Xavier Bottet
      Art Director / Co-Director
      Emmanuel Beaudry
      Writer/ Co-Director
      Hope you'll enjoy the first short video, then will come the bigger one.
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