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      Here is my entry.  It is a promotional that my I did for my sister company.  It uses stock photos and production music, so there shouldn't be any copyrights to worry about.


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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Great job, Thegeekkid!


      Did you shoot the hand in front of a green screen or is that stock footage also?


      I've just added upgraded your account to include Videomaker Plus.


      Thanks for the video!

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      Mike, why do these show up twice, one over the other, on the first Forums topic list? I noticed the same with the other video entry post. Just wondering … must be a malfunction but it does clutter the front page current listings.

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      It's an annoying bug. Our web development team is looking a fix.

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      My only criticism is the poor title design. Not the best choice of fonts, colors or placement. I couldn't even read the first title.

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      @Mike: The hand is stock footage.  Thanks!  🙂


      @Voodeux: Thanks for the critique.  Unfortunately this is what happens when your client/sister company supplies the photos for you with the titles already on them.  But I did think of re-doing the titles. 🙂

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