My studio shakes and vibrates – treadmills? What?

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      Hi! So, I was given a space by my boss to set up a small, in-house, studio. Green screen, mostly talking head stuff dramatically low ceiling… My desk is in a space just outside the studio proper. But… near by is a small building fitness center. 3 treadmills, no waiting. When people are in there, banging away, the entire place shakes and vibrates. God forbid someone is using the weight machine improperly! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! When at my desk during one of these sessions, it feels like I am sitting on the back of a battleship running full throttle while someone drops 50 lb. sacks of potatoes every two seconds. It isn't as bad in the studio, but you can still hear and feel it.

      It is clear that need to build additional soundproofing in/on the walls. But what I don't know how to work with is the vibration. This space is on a terrace level of an office building, parking garage below. I guess you could say that I am in the basement (with my red stapler). I can't control who uses the fitness center, or when. The fitness room is open to all tenants of the building.

      Sound proofing is one thing, but vibration? I don't know how to approach that. Moving isn't an option.


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      Face it, Bob drops 150 pounds onto the concrete slab, it doesn't matter if you are 30 feet away, the floor will transmit that energy.  You have to isolate your room from his.



      The only real solution is very expensive.  You have to "float the room".  Essentially you build a free-standing room supported by stiff rubber pads inside the existing space.  Any architecht who builds recording studios will know how. 



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      Simplest solution is to bring your boss in for a shoot during the peak time of the gym next door. When you have to constantly stop and reshoot take after take to get something useful just ask him for a different space away from the gym!


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