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      So this is my new video – Through My Eyes. It’d be great if you could let me know what you think!

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      Not bad at all for a young video maker like yourself.  It was an interesting concept and overall, decently shot. 


      A few things I might have done differently, maybe to keep in mind for your next video:


      Drumming scene thru your eyes, I would have tried to actually show myself drumming and using a chroma key to put myself in front of the cheering crowd.


      Personally, I probably wouldn't have chosen 'mom' as the "super hot girl" when you look at your phone, but the concept was good.  Maybe instead, have a picture of a girl from school pop up with a really bland name for the "actual" vision, and a hot super model with a 'sexier' name for the In Your Eyes version.  OR, no picture, but have the text say something like: Your Vision – Hey Sexy, let's meet up later….yada yada.  Actual Vision – "What was our history homework last night?"

      Also, it might have been cool to hear you talk on the phone and do a In Your Eyes version where you are all cool and confident, and an actual version where you stumble over your words and don't exactly say all the right things.

      Good use of color grading making the background turn a redish hue when he looks at the phone. Nice touch.


      I think you should have had a more extreme difference when playing basketball too.  Whenever we are playing ball by ourselves, we always imagine playing like a pro.  Get a friend who is really good (can even be an adult since all you will see are the arms and maybe legs), and use them instead.  Even if it is obvious that it isn't you, that's fine, cause it is all in your mind anyway.


      Overall, a good video.





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