My New Soccer Rig need Help camera

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      Hello all,  I have A DIY Soccer tripod that I built and now its time to upgrade my Camera. I am currently using a old Sony TRV 30  ( don't Laugh) . I am in the market for a new HD camera that must have a way to control the camera remotely with no lag.   My current setup is using LANC remote and component video extended to a field LCD below.   The LCD screen has HDMI in as well.    I have been leaning towards the HFG20 but I'm not sure if this is the right choice.  My plan is to upload the videos for the parents to view.  I currently edit on the MAC. I have Premier, Final Cut, & Imovie to work with.

      Any Suggestions would be great!!




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      If you are willing to spend some money, look into the Cannon XA20; They can be controlled via an iPad, Laptop or Phone  (anything with a web browser) and there is little to no lag. The wirless remote has a lower fps, count, but it doesnt lag

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