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      this is my first time doing video, and I would like to learn from your experience, what is good and what is bad, and what should I do to do better. Please be honest, I won’t be mad if anyone tells me the truth. I am learning. Thank you

      Here is the video.

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      This is certainly better than the first videos I did some 15 or 20 years ago.

      The good: your titles are legible and have a consistent look. Your footage is clean with no shake or jitter. Your fades are well chosen rather than using over the top transitions.

      The not so good: you posted it as a “how to” video yet there is no instruction, either on screen or narration. To be something other than just some nice time lapse footage of coming and going, there needs to be some type of story, be it instructions to go along with the “how to” idea or ” my trip to and from the house” etc. Don’t be afraid to narrate either. Tell the story. It is an effective way to personalize an idea.

      Overall, a solid first effort.

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      I should also admit that this is a solid first effort indeed. I am sure each next one will be better and better…Would like to see your professionalism grow!

    • #214527 was my first video maker I used. They have different templates there. You may add text and choose the colour sceme, music, etc. It is worth trying!

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