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      Dear friends,

      I need your help with the following project that I have recently started out with:
      I have rented a video camera and it made some very beautiful videos (20 files, in total 20GB). The videos are really important to me. I have copied the contents of the video camera and it contains an AVCHD folder with 20 .MTS files.

      My purpose is to make 1 or more DVDs to play on a television at home.

      What I wanted to do is:
      – Merge the 20 files and use some fade ins/outs to make one nice complete video file, using maybe Adobe Premiere.
      – Then, export the single file to a DVD format to play on a DVD player.

      My skills are not that advanced in Adobe Premiere. I however have other skills in other adobe programs. The first thing that I am having some difficulties with is the .MTS-files. I am converting these files as we speak to MP4 H.264 – HD 1080p formats.

      My questions are:
      – Is this the first thing you would have done also? Or is it better to join the files at first and then convert them to a certain file format?
      – Are there other things that I have to think of when it comes to exporting the file to the correct DVD format for playing on a DVD player?
      – What do I have to know about the AVCHD folder? What do I have to do with the other folder in the AVCHD folders/files, like: CLIPINF, PLAYLIST, INDEX.BDM en MOVIEOBJ.BDM?

      Thank you all so much for helping me in advance. I have the responsibility to make something good with the recordings for all of my family.

      Greetings 🙂

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      Hi Mike,
      I’ll answer your questions in order.
      You’re basically creating a bunch or really long extra steps for yourself by converting them first. I would put them into my timeline to do the edits, and then output my final video file from there.
      When it comes to “the correct DVD format,” that really doesn’t have anything to do with the video file. Whatever program you use to create the DVD should be able to take in whatever file type you output your final video to. That said, you actually need a program that will build a DVD for you, after you have your final video file. It’s not just a matter of burning a video file to a disc, and popping it into a DVD player, although some (mind you not all) DVD players will allow that. A DVD is basically a piece of software that only a DVD player is programmed to read. If you explore the files of a DVD in your computer, you’ll notice that there are folders and files that do not resemble video files at all. You need to have a DVD authoring program that will build all of this for you. I use Sony DVD Architect, but there are others on the market.
      It sounds like you copied the entire folder from your camera to your computer. You don’t need to worry about all those other files and folders. Those are there for the camera to use, not you. All you care about are the video files themselves.
      I hope this information helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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      csxmichael, I’m also using AVCHD .MTS files and having problems importing them into Premiere (Not very skilled with the software here either), but I’m having problems with the audio. How are you converting the files into MP4 H.264 – HD 1080p? Maybe that will fix my files. The problem I’m having in that I recorded two channels of audio but when I import the files into Premiere, they sound really crappy and it looks like the audio is in just one channel.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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