My AVCHD .MTS video file from Panasonic GH2 has no audio when it get to Premier Pro CS6

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      Hi. Please whenever i import my footage from Pansonic GH2 to Premier pro CS6 for editing, all i get is the video, no video at all. Even when i try to play it from monitor source, still no audio. But when i import to CS 4, CS5 I get audio. Please help

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      PP CS6 and PP CC handle AVCHD natively without problem.


      Don't know if this will help, but 'no audio' problems usually mean the MTS files have been dragged from their parent folders. AVCHD file structure must be preserved when you copy from an SD card to your workstation–you have to copy everything, exactly as it appears on the SD card. The audio files are separate from the MTS files, and there are metadata files that are needed as well.

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      Laguna, I must offer a correction. MTS files contain the audio and this can be demonstrated by opening an MTS file in Windows Media Player or VLC. 


      In CS6 or CC, Premiere first "conforms" the MTS files and sometimes this takes a few minutes, resulting in no audio. Play the file in one of the mentioned players first and if there's audio, then that's what's going on in Premiere. To verify, look at the lower right hand corner of the screen and there will be a message "Conforming xxxxxx.MTS" where xxxxxx is the file number currently being conformed. 


      Once the conforming is completed, the audio will work.  

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      My camera produces AVCHD. If I use the software that came with the camera to copy the files to the hard drive, they come across as M2TS. If I simply pull the files off the memory card, I use the MTS files and ignore the other small files that the camera created. I have no problem with either in CyberLink PowerDirector 12. I render H.264, 1080 24p, which results in an M2TS file. I have no trouble uploading these M2TS files to YouTube.

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      Although Adobe claimed that Premiere Pro CS5 and above offer much better native AVCHD support than its predecessor, there are still some video, audio codec problems while importing/editing AVCHD MTS clips in Premiere Pro. Plus, even the Adobe program can ingest your MTS files directly, it takes a long time for rendering. 


      If you don't minde encoding your MTS files, you can link to


      It may give you some hints

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      MTS format may not be well imported into PP, so if you don't mind , you can try to rewarp them. But first make sure that your import structure is intact. But convert original videos mean some quality loss, which is very painful.

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