My 2nd wedding video

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      Wedding highlight second attempt. Need some constructive critisicm


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      Really wonderful. Quirky and off-beat; fun to watch and I don't know anyone there. Keep up the good work.

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      Mike Wilhelm

      This is truly amazing work. What did you shoot on?


      If I'm to offer any criticism, it's that the blue tint in your outdoor shots feels cold in an otherwise very warm video. That said, you could probably just warm up the shots after 2:51 and say that the world was a cold place until the couple was finally married when it finally warmed up.


      Great job!

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      Thanks alot guys, means alot. Mike, i shot with a Canon 7D, i pretty much did the blue tint because it was so cloudy and i was trying to match the rest of my video..but i agree i shouldve made it warmer. Next time i might try that suggestion it would be pretty cool to portray that transition!

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      Did not want to take my eyes off of it.  Great work! 

      @ Jack. I didn't know anyone there this time either. 
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      This video reflects a real talent for visual storytelling. It is complimented by both the edit and camera work, a truly absorbing production. You were indeed fortunate to be able to work with a wedding couple who were prepared to take the chance and not go down the formal wedding video path. The viewer is left in no doubt whatsoever as to the wedding couple's fun personalities, without a word being spoken. This is one wedding video that won't be left in a drawer and forgotten.


      I checked out your previous wedding video (Chad and Mia) on Vimeo and without a doubt your video skill levels are going ahead in leaps and bounds.


      I have never finished a production that upon reflection and with the passage of time thought that I could/should have done something different or better. I didn't mind the blue tint. 


      Garrett realy looking foward to seeing your work in wedding video No.3.

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      Thanks alot for the REALLY kind words Rocky. You really gave me motivation to keep going and be confident in what i do πŸ˜€

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      This wedding video is the best I've seen! I love the "music video" look and feel to this. I'm sure this lovely couple was extremely happy with the results. I would watch this again and again. Great work!

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      Really good stuff, you have a talent that I see people payng big bucks for to have a wedding video that is not the same old thing. Really good stuff!


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      The little details are what makes this video spectacular; the two crossed rings sitting on the table; the bride to be's tears, even the song chosen to accompany.  So many things you wouldn't think to ordinarily include in a wedding video such as the prep leading up to the event; not just the ceremony.  Those are just as important as many of the other technical aspects of photography and camera selection.
      A job well done. 
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