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      Hello gang,

      I have just been asked, for the 1st time, to do a small video for a local non profit. The video consists of a series of about 10 three-minute on location interviews and testimonials with the program participants. The videos will be posted on the company’s Facebook page and website. I will be shooting with a handheld LDSR camera, editing video on Premier Pro and sound on Logic 9.

      Primarily it’ll be subject on camera giving a testimonial, but some will be subject and interviewer on camera. The shoot will happen over 2 days about 1 hour at a time. It’ll be in an indoor location with lots of people around chatting. I may be able to find an empty room to film in.

      I have been doing sound for 15 years and this project seems simple enough to get my toes wet with video. My questions are:

      1. What do I charge for this?
      2. What technical considerations do I have to follow?
      3. What is the best way to capture audio? Cam mounted shotgun mic, handheld wireless?
      4. is there anything I haven’t thought or need to think about?
      5. Do you guys need any more info to be able to provide useful advice?

      Thank you all for your bits!

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    You will definitely want to obtain a tripod or stabilizer so the footage will end up looking smooth. I would also suggest using a lapel mic if possible considering the background noise. Based off my previous learning experiences, pay attention to the composition. If you do choose to film in a nearby room, avoid a white wall. I’m guessing this will be on location of an event? Personally I would get far enough away to have the event in the background creating a nice depth of field.

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