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      For an European customer, TV channel in the domain of Entertainment, Innovation and News, we are looking for a :


      M/W Independant Video producer / Video Journalist or/and Freelance Journalist


      Berlin / Germany

      London / England United Kingdom

      Moscow / Russia

      Paris / France

      San Francisco / United States USA

      Shanghai / China

      Tokyo / Japan


      No employee, freelance job

      Home office job

      You work with your own material (video and sound ) in your own place.

      You organise your time table and your work method.

      Only the finished and delivered work is paid. No refund for purchase of material, transport, meal etc

      Payment by bank transfer.


      Based in the city of Berlin or London or Paris or Moscow or San Francisco or Shanghai or Tokyo and mobile around 50 miles or 80 kilometers, your mission will be to provide 5 video segments of 3 minutes each month. These segments will deal with innovation, lifestyle, startup, mobile applications etc


      The exact topic is given by our customer. Later you can propose your ideas of topics.



      Required conditions :


      You use your own material to shoot and sound record.

      Big preference to Canon 5D Mark II or Sony PMW EX3 (Canon C100 Accepted).


      Sound will be recorded through XLR with a Wireless lavalier microphone for the

      interviews (XLR to jack converter required if you work with a 5D Mark II).


      The knowledge of the language of the country is absolutely required.

      English or French fluent.


      Expected work :


      • Video segment around 3 min

      • Voice over in english

      • Title in English

      • Lenght in seconds

      • Description / lenght / position of sub segment (sub topic / interview / pictures ) in English

      • Full transcription of the voice over text + selectionned part of the interviews


      These elements will be entered through our dedicated website in the private page of our customer.


      Each segment will be provided with full sources (including the whole interviews) in 2 qualities (preview and Best) through a webserver (FTP) owned by our customer.

      Each segment will be notified as received by a manager of our customer.

      Quality of the productions must be constant.


      Our process of selection includes the sending of a pilot segment of your choice to check the quality of images and sound, redactionnal skills, creativity …



      Make an offer in dollars (USD) or in euros (EUR) for :

      • a video of 3 minutes (with the expected conditions)

      • 5 video segments of 3 minutes (with the expected conditions) in a month


      Your offer will be composed by :

      • a small presentation of your activity (video, website, blog …)

      • an estimate

      • Resume and portofolio required.


      Date of beginning : March 2013


      Our European customer pays us, you do not have to pay us to apply or to work.


      Contact : contact@new-talent-consulting.com




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