Music Video – Seether’s “Broken” Cover

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      Hey everybody! I'm completely new here, so not really sure what the procedure is…

      But I'd really appreciate it if somebody could give me some feedback on a music video I created!

      The adress is below, and thanks in advance!


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      you can get a green screen for 20$, also im not sure if your just using a low budget camera or its the export you used, but the image quality is low, also the audio for the song and the voice track recording is not "full" which may be the file type,


      not bad for having no schooling, but a degree doesn't make you good, i just finished my 2 years at a cheap community college, they didnt teach me after effects at all, i started learning it in june


      heres what i learned in after effects since june with no formal education on motion graphics, just keep learning and researching watching tutorials and you will get better and better, overall its a good job, but the image quality hurts your work



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      Saymoo, welcome to the videomaker forums. You will get a lot of differing and honest opinions here. This is a great place to learn and share. I found your video very interesting and intriguing. I watched all the way through. I found your dreamy, etherial imaging throughout the video fit in well with the audio. Good job. Keep shooting.

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      Sorry, but i couldnt get past the first minute because of the song itself. The vocals are way out of tune and is hard to listen to. The visuals are not so great either. I'm seeing simple video foward   reversal effects, etc. Keep on doing more videos. They will get better. If this is your first, then you are at a good start. The song is more important than the video. If the song is suffering from a poor performance (as I feel this is), then no amount of video talent will help it.

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      Thanks for all the feedback! I do apolagize for the initial video quality – This was my first music video, and I hadn't realized how much compression hurts the video quality. Aside from this, I had been shooting on a consumer camcorder for this – I have now invested in a canon gl1 (Old, I know, but so far it's working great for me). Aside from this, the music was not made or influenced at all by me – they were created by a friend of mine, and sang by the two main characters within the video.

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      funny, keep practicing singing.


      thanks for sharing

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