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      I’m sort of new to cinematography. I’m hoping to achieve a certain look or at the very least come close it. I plan to upload this mainly online for now (like youtube and vimeo). I know what I’d like to have as an outcome, just not sure specifically what I might need to do to get there.


      I’m looking for more of a style used during the 90’s for music videos. They, I assume, were filmed with film camera and not digital, so I’m aware of one part of that solution. I figured if I shoot digital in 24 fps, somewhere around 720, that I might be able to get close to the look I’m looking for (plus whatever sony vegas or premiere can provide me for filters).


      I have examples so that anyone with sound advice can understand what I mean in a visual sense.

      (Redman “I Can’t Wait”) (Nas “The World is Yours Tip Mix”) (Da Youngstas “Mad Props”) (Extra Prolific “Brown Sugar Directors Version”) (Camp Lo “Luchini”)


      I put up a couple of links to give a better view of what I mean, from mid 90s to late 90s. I’m aware I’ll need a dolly, tripod or some kind of stabilizer (I don’t plan to get any of the big production cranes). Other than that, not sure exactly what I would need to do to get the closest to that quality (besides lighting techniques).

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      You may notice without realizing that you are seeing it.

      Where are the special effects?  Other than 24p, make your video oh so soft and judicious use of color bleed.

      It's the angles and content that goes along with the video.

      If the sound is near perfect, your video can be crap, well not all crap, and it will still get good play.

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