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      I am a 15-year-old chinese boy studying in Singapore, and it is first time for me to make my own video. This is a music project done by my group, and i am the director, story-writer, filmer and editer. It's surely not professional and it has errors, but i did a lot to make it more like it. Hope u all can enjoy my music video πŸ™‚ Leave ur suggestions below or on the YouTube page~ I will make another music video this year πŸ˜€ i really need more supports because i want to be a director in the future~


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      My Twitter: @zyc5026

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      I need ur supports!! πŸ™‚          




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      Good job, Tells the story as well as being a music video, keep making videos, you'll only get better

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      Very good for your first video.  As far as feedback, I would suggest more various shots at the beginning (before the music started) such as a POV shot of the main kid.  Also more sound effects would be good here, such as more of the heavy breathing. I really liked the heart beat sound.  That could have been even louder.  To add to your story line, you could always throw a young girl on the sidelines watching the race, and show her disappointment when he comes in last (even more motivation to get better) and her joy when he wins.  If that's too stereotypical for you, maybe a father, brother, mother, friend, etc.  Just an idea. 


      Work on the lighting in certain scenes, especially the alley scene where it was so dark. You want to keep the dark dangerous feel to it, but practice lighting technics so we can see their faces a little better next time. Maybe as if there was a street lamp nearby or something.  Lighting is one of the hardest parts of cinematography, but can also make or break a video, so practice and experient with it.


      I really like the flashbacks and the boy getting motivated to go back to running. Also really like how you used to torn bandage.  A reaction shot from the boy who won the first race at the end could be another good shot to consider next time (like a shocked, "I can't believe I just lost" type of look).   


      All in all, a very good video.  My ideas are all very subjective, so do what you want with them, but always good to get different opinions from other filmmakers.  You'll only get better. 


      Keep shooting!



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      Thanks πŸ™‚ i will do better for my next video~

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      Thanks for ur suggestions πŸ™‚ i will do better!!

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