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      Hi all,

      I own a rehearsal/recording studio in Burnley, England. I’m a musician myself, but over the last couple of years I’ve dabbled making multiple camera live music videos with multi tracked audio.

      Our latest idea idea is to produce a music tv show, with each episode featuring a different local original band. This is a totally free thing we’re doing, ie we don’t charge the band for featuring them and providing them with great publicity material. As musicians ourselves, we’re tired of the whole scene where original bands are taken advantage of by promoters and venues, offering them gigs for no money, but “good exposure”. We want to give them ACTUAL exposure, and hopefully help them on their way.

      Anyway, I am here to ask you to rate our video, not particularly on content, but if you can offer any constructive criticism on our film making skills, and how we might be able to improve things. I have half a dozen GoPro cameras, and a Canon 700D. I’m aware that better cameras would improve things, but this is what we’ve got, and I’m not in a position to spend more money on gear right now, especially for a project that’s never going to actually make any money! This is just a pilot episode, and as I said, not really looking for content criticism, we already know the interview sections are too long, etc etc, we’re here to hopefully pick up some advice on how to make our videos look better

      Please let me know what you think – any advice welcomed!
      Many thanks!

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      Reminds me a bit of Later with Jools Holland – performances interspersed with interviews. Keep going on it. I think the world needs more of this.

      I get that you’re limited with the cameras you have, but if there’s any way to get microphones for the interviews, to me, that would be a tremendous benefit to your show. You go from the rich sound of the music to the flat, hollow, lifeless, and difficult-to-hear audio in the interviews. I’d at least try to normalize the audio. Try Levelator to sort of compress and amplify.

      I’d also recommend better lighting for the interview. Maybe something that would shed less light on the background and more on the folks being interviewed. But I think you have a great idea. Keep on it!

      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

Viewing 1 reply thread
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