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      Can anyone tell me what lenses were used and the general outline on the shooting/cinematography in this video? It seems to be incredibly low budget while still looking very professional.


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      Mike Wilhelm

      It's impossible to tell from just looking at it, but I'd guess 35mm up to 85mm lenses. I'm not seeing any kind of distortion.

      Shoot on an overcast day with a DSLR and you'll probably get a similar look.

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      If you turn the sound down, you can concentrate on the individual clips and the impression is the shooting was pretty free flow, and as they probably repeated the lipsyncing everywhere they shot, the people in it got very comfortable with the song, and reacted to it rather than this being the result of amazingly detailed planning. A handfull of attractive locations, decent weather and no real need for fancy lighting meant they probably had a fairly decent bin full of clips for each section of the song. I got the feeling some of the reverses were just to fill over non-sync clips, or perhaps were the miming went a bit adrift – quite a common trick to shoot closeups and edit away at the point lips don't match. It's got a nice feel that matches the song. With the sound off, it's much less special – the audio really holds it together. Rather nice, I thought.

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      I agree–looks like a 35 to 50 mm lens — something like the Sigma  Art lenses which give you a shorter depth of focus and very soft feel. I also agree the audio ON is essential in this video. It works together, but video alone is not as special.

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