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      I thought I would share this Christian music video we shot as part of a project. 
      This segment was shot at our church. Volunteers stayed after church for us to shoot. Needles to say after about 12 takes they were ready to leave for lunch. We used about 6 seconds of this for our video "Everyday Denials" Even with all of the takes we shot we did not get enough. This was shot at 24P with a canon 60D. The song is from Digital Juice worship Stax.
      Most of this was shot hand held. and a few segments were shot with a cobra crane back packer. We used just 4 lights and a couple of color gels for this.
      If this was to stand on its own it would need more work. 
      I was the producer and co-director 
      Comments are welcome. 
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      I like the well timed rack focus on the backup singers when they started singing.  There were a few shots I would not have used (:40, 1:48) but overall I thought you did a good job with it.



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      Good job, I used to volunteer in my churches video dept, I would also shoot with the back camera more if it was raised up to see over the parisioners, some wider shoots of the whole group would help too as establishing shoots

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       Jon and Chuck thanks for your comments.  I agree.  We ran out of shots to use.  Some of the text in my post got cut a little but I know this could not stand alone.   


      We did have fun doing it and I think we got some really good shots as well as some not so good.  We did the setup and shoot in 70 minutes. We just ran out of time.   It was a good learning experience working with a sound track and getting the band to lip sync and then sync all the segments up in post.


      Also learned never use a large group of volunteers that are hungry πŸ™‚  

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