Multiple automated webcam recording without re-encoding

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      Hi, I’m currently working on a small project on my own to make use of hardware encoding abilities of some webcams (for now, just tested it with Logitech C920 webcams). I see there are a lot of possibilities of recording directly this stream for one camera, or recording multiple webcams but having to re-encode, which uses a lot of computer resources.

      Because of how USB handles bandwith and power, it is not possible to record AT THE SAME TIME several video sources, but it is possible to do a video switching between cameras, with perfect AV synchronization. After some automated processing, the output video is ready in 2-3 minutes for an hour recording, in less time for shorter takes. Using a not very powerful 2 in 1 tablet PC makes no difference, as almost no CPU is used.

      So, my questions are: is there any similar software? Maybe i’m wasting my time reinventing the wheel…

      As i’m quite lazy i also use it automated, so no human intervention is needed to switch between the cameras. How advanced is AI in this field?

      Thank you!

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