Multicam shooting – when is the best time to cut?

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      I am responsible for the video recording in our church. I have recently mastered multicam shooting and editing.
      The sermon itself is reasonably straightforward and i can cut between cameras anytime I want. Apart the occasional “call and response”, applauding from the audience or when camera “A” is blocked by passersby, when are the best times to cut to give my work a natural and professional finish ? I have 3 years experience on amateur to intermediate level.
      Also please advise how I can use a similar setup during a wedding ceremony?

      My multicam setup is as follows:

      I use 3 cameras and are positioned in this formation

      Camera A – Primary, manned,set behind audience, head and shoulder view of speaker (zoomed)
      Camera B – Secondary, unmanned, set to the left of speaker, head to toe view of speaker from his/her left
      Camera C – Secondary, unmanned, set to the far right diagonally behind speaker, full view of the audience as seen from behind the speaker

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      if you are recording the music part best thing to do is to try to cut to the beat. Aim to cut right on the beat.

      As for the sermon part, you really have to just follow the pastor’s lead. If the pastor speaking to the people on the right side of the church, cut to the right side, etc.

      But what you might want to do is watch some of the church services that are broadcast, like “Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah” or “Hour Of Power” and see how those broadcasts are cut together and that will give you some idea as to how others cut a church service together.

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      If it’s simple speech, then you cut on complete sentences and paragraphs. If the speech is relatively slow, cut on natural pauses – often when the speaker takes a breath. If the person is skilled, their eye movements also are excellent cutting points – especially of they are looking for responses in the audience, as in when they say something important, and want to check it was received. They scan the faces, and often linger on somebody exhibiting signs of understanding, or perhaps even confusion – these are tiny gaps, and good places to cut. So looks for the usual pauses in their speech, as if when written down, there would be paragraphs, , and . markings.

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      Thanks, I actually never thought about it consciously although i instinctively cut when the speaker requests a response or when there’s applause

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      Thanks Trevor. I will surely try it out!

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