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      Hello all,

      I'm working with a small podcasting group thats looking to expand into video – they've asked me to come up with a setup for this, with a budget of $800 to work with.

      Currently, this is the gear set I am planning on…

      • 2x Canon EOS-M, running ML for increased bitrate H.264
      • 2x Kit 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Lenses
      • 2x Doplica 62 in. AX620B100 Ball Head Tripods

      Given that this was originally an audio podcast, audio recording setup is pretty well covered. I have Plural Eyes 3, and am planning on using this to synchronize – bouncing the XML to Premiere to use the Multicam Monitor.

      At some point, we hope to get into livestreaming our podcasts – with this comes a couple concerns.

      • Is the Canon EOS-M capable of producing CLEAN hdmi output, using Magic Lantern?
      • Is the battery life on the EOS-M too short? We haven't exceeded an hour in length for the podcast recording, but I've found surprisingly little information on how long the battery last.

      Between the cameras and the tripods, we're looking at about $740 of the allotted $800. Perhaps the remaining $60 could be used to alleviate the potential battery issue?

      All in all, I'm just looking on some suggestions and feedback – Is ML Clean output possible with EOS-M, is the battery life a problem I'll need to address, and are there any other options I should consider looking into.

      Any help I can get with this will be greatly appreciated – thanks, all!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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