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      My son is looking to do a video production as a major school project. He wants to have up to 9 video feeds on to the one TV screen (picture in picture), with 8 pre-recorded videos and 1 live feed on a 10-30 second delay. The concept is people will see security camera type footage of people in public or private locations and then realise there is also a live feed of them watching the display. A "Big Brother" is watching you concept.


      We have looked at different hardware options, such as DVR's used in the security industry but cannot find anything that is affordable for a school project. We have also looked at software such as Final Cut Pro X, but are not sure whether this will do the job.


      We have found software that will handle the delay on the live feed, and this would need to be one channel of the feed. We can also reduce the total number of inputs down to say 5 or 3 if this would makes things easier.


      If anyone can advise whether any of the video editing software can handle this concept or there is another alternative it would be much appreciated.

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      The easy thing might be to use the picture in picture function of a television.  Composite your prerecorded feeds in Final Cut or virtually any other editing app, burn it to a DVD and feed it into an input on the tv, then feed your live feed into another input.  The trick for the gag to work is that your prerecorded composite needs to be mocked up to look similar to any border, layout, etc that your tv creates when using picture in picture.  A little experimentation and you should be able to make something that blends in without too much trouble.

      Video delays…  If you go hardware, you may have to spend over 1k.  Obviosly not going to fly for a school project.  I know nothing about this product but just found it online.  If the cost isn't prohibitive, it might fit the bill.



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