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      Hi, I'm looking to place 4-5 cameras on a mobile platform (here, a pedicab) and need a lot of advice on cameras, setup, and recording (ideally, all the cameras would be linked and I need suggestions for a portable power source and equipment). If anyone has some thoughts, I would appreciate their feedback. Questions (for clarification) are also welcomed.

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      Since you mention recording, I am going to assume you will later edit all the video together later. There is not really a need to link together the cameras in this respect. You can use the old-tech method of a slate or clapper to mark a point in all your footage.


      Basically, you stand in front of the cameras (and if they are pointing different directions, you can have a couple of friends stand in front of the others) and then either use a production slate (these are available on the internet) or just clap your hands. If you have other people in front of the other cameras, you can count down from 5 or 10 so that everyone goes at the same time. 


      This creates an image (and sound if the cameras all have audio) that is a fixed point in time on each recording. You simply set the in-point of your video clip to that on each and then all the following footage will be in sync. 


      Otherwise, linking cameras takes us into the realm of multi-thousand dollar professional cinema systems. If you have that budget, then someone else will need to advise, because that's well out of my experience. 


      Given the low-tech approach to video sync, you should then be able to use any number of small and relatively cheap cameras (GoPro makes a good number of these with all kinds of mounts) that are self-contained for both power and recording. In the US, 4-5 GoPro cameras will still run you around $1000-$1500 depending on features, and the mounting equipment is additional to that, but it is still less epxensive that shooting with something like digital SLR cameras that tend toward $700-$1000 and more each. 


      For that matter, a number of people are shooting with high-resolution smartphones or tablets. Quality varies by brand and application, and as with any self-contained system, there are limits on record time due to memory storage and battery life. 


      Hope that helps. 

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      Thanks for your reply and insight.


      I was looking at something similar to security cameras that record on one recorder.


      Pedicabs are large adult trikes (pedalled) used to haul people around. There is no room for "helping hands", that is why it would be better to have one switch that turned the entire system on rather than dealing with each individual camera.


      I know almost nothing about security cameras and don't know if the resolution is even worth fooling with or if they can be rigged to work on DC.


      I do plan on editing the videos at home.

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