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      Hello all – I am trying to turn my music studio into a place where I can film music videos . I’d like to do a (5) camera multi cam shoot with a remote that controls recording for all cams at once because I am a 1 man operation. The cameras need to be mounted and wired into my Mac Desktop so I can access the content for editing. I do not currently need live streaming (maybe down the line) . I will use the audio I record from a DAW (Digital Performer)

      Hare are my questions:

      1. Which camera is best for me if I don’t need audio. I have tried the gopro route and had a myriad of headaches trying to get them all to connect simutaneously. As long as they shoot 1080p/60FPS or higher and have an output that connects to my Mac for editing …I’m good. I do not need audio , just video.

      2. Do I need some kind of video interface to accept all the cameras or is just a USB hub enough?

      3. Editing software everyone points to seems to be either Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere? I’ve been reading about Plural Eyes for marking the video content to save time in editing…?


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      Or, here:
      This stuff is all very pricey.
      If you can’t afford it, I would record individually, transfer files to PC, and use the PluralEyes to sync video based on audio. So, you have to record audio to camera files, to sync up. Then, mute those channels and use your master recording track.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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