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      Hi there, I’m new here! Amateur video editor.

      I tried to search the site for a similar thread with a solution already, but wasn’t able to find one on my own that worked for me, here goes:

      I recorded my footage with a Sony HDR-XR520, it saves as MTS/AVCHD file, but when I go to open it in Sony Vegas Pro 13, it imports the MTS as audio only, no video track.

      The only solution to my problem so far has been to go into Windows Movie Maker, which opens and plays the MTS file just fine, and then convert it into MP4 which Vegas Pro 13 imports correctly. But it takes a long time to render that and it adds an extra step. I’m wondering if there’s some alternate, easier solution?

      Other things I’ve tried include renaming the file-type to ” aaa.AVI “, but while Windows Media Player opens both MTS and the converted AVI just fine, the AVI version doesn’t open at all.. I read that Sony seems to have stopped supporting this format, but that seems really dumb since it’s what their own camcorders use. Other solution I found online downloading codecs, which I’m pretty sure fixed nothing, but then again maybe I messed that up.
      For the AVI it gives me this error:

      Now the audio portion seems to be fine, but I kind of also need the video, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to change some setting, since the current process where I have to convert it with Movie Maker is tedious, even though it still works in the end.


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      Pro 13 shouldn’t have any problems reading MTS/AVCHD files so there’s something wrong with your machine.
      Have you always had this problem or is it only recently that this started happening?
      You mentioned downloading codecs and that’s never a good idea as it’s well known that some of them (especially products like the K-Lite codec pack) replace known good codecs with inferior ones.
      I hesitate to mention it but the other thing that comes to mind is that if this is a “less than legitimate” copy of Pro 13, then that’s your problem as cracked copies are known to have bugs.


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      Kevin Mc

      Agreed – Vegas Pro 13 should have no problems opening MTS files, and codec packs can be the death of all that is good in this world. Can you install Pro 13 on another computer to see if it works with your MTS file(s)? It would at least narrow down the problem.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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