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      Hello everyone, I recently purchased a canon hf r 600 and so far love the videos it takes. I record in MP4 format. What I want to do is transfer the videos from the camera to my PC then create one big file. So far they transfer nice but I’m using AVS video editor to create the new MP4 file the video loses quality and I notice that the file is a lot smaller even though I’m producing the new video in the highest format the software offers. Could anyone offer me any suggestions as to how to go about creating one big mp4 file? Maybe reccomend new software to use?

      Thank You

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      I’ve never used AVS, so I can’t advise you there. However, Sony Vegas can export the files into just about any format, stitch them together, whatever you want to do, without losing quality. You can even control the bit rate of the output. Adobe Premeire can do it all, too, although it has a little bit higher learning curve.

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      An MP4 file is a compressed file. When your AVS editor renders it, it’s compressing the output file again, causing the loss of definition.

      As with Mike, I’m not familiar with AVS but read over the manual and see if there’s a setting that will not re-compress a rendered file. For example, in Premiere Pro, the export routine has a setting that determines the final size of the finished file and that’s what determines how much or how little compression is applied.

      After checking the AVS website, it seems they have an editing application that does not re-compress the files called AVS Video Remaker. You might want to have a look at that.

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      Try Ultra video converter

Viewing 3 reply threads
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