Mounting a RE50/b on Light Bulb Changing Pole

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      I’m planning on mounting a RE50/b on a light bulb changing pole since it appears to be in the right price range and weight range for its potential users (7th graders). I’ll be running the wire down its side using tape to hold it in place. Whoever holds the pole will have to be wearing gloves to cut down on excessive noise. And then the sound guy will have to keep pace with the actors as they move around the location as say their lines underneath the microphone.

      Then unconventionally I’ll be running that line about ten to twenty feet to the microphone-in of the primary DV tape (panasonic GU series, old) camera which will be mobile. I think I’ll need a male-to-female connector and a additional microphone cord at least?

      Now I’m sure I can get the pole from the hardware store ( and the RE50 from B&H… but the thing is, I also need a shock mount since basically the pole is just a pole and I need something T-shaped and tubular to stick the RE50/b inside of so it stays on the end of the pole. But there’s no shock mount for the RE50 that I could find since it already has a internal shock mount inside its housing.

      Is there any shock mount compatible with the RE50 or what sort of plans or at least diameter would I need inside of the PVC if I was going to construct it from off-the-shelf from a hardware store?

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