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      I would like to take video of our cats in “their height” , so i am looking for a special monopod with a little arm and screw so i don’t have to bend down all the time.
      Does anyone know if this exists?
      Link please?

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      I don’t know of anything commercially available, but how about using your cell phone on a selfie stick? Check out and B&H for ideas.

      Or, if you’re a do-it-yourself type and want to use your video camera, make a “monopod” from a ski-pole or similar stick and an “L” shaped shelf bracket. Shorten the ski-pole to a convenient length, bolt the shelf bracket onto the bottom of the pole, drill a hole for a 1/4-20 bolt and fasten the camera to the bracket.

      Your main problem, of course, will be getting the cat to cooperate! Good luck with that.

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      I use the telescoping pole for paint rollers. Light, aluminum and can extend up to
      about 48 inches or so. And inexpensive.

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      Barnacle: How do you attach your camera?

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      Ferrari, have you thought about using your camera upside down? Then hold your monopod upside down comfortably with the camera at cat level. Depending on your camera, you might be able to set it to shoot the right way up with your camera upside down, if not, turn the footage over in your editor.
      Jack, there’s fittings for this, but you can just buy a cheap paint roller, saw off the roller bit, insert a 1/4″ bolt. But really, buy a boom pole, they don’t cost that much and you wont be tempted to use your pole to paint the ceiling.

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