monitoring audio on Sony TRV-38

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      monitoring audio on Sony TRV-38 – I haven't used this camera for a while and so some of the finer points of use may have escaped me.  I will be doing an event shoot with my trv-38 and a rode videomic. Is there any way I can monitor the audio post-record so that i know I am capturing decent audio on the tape? If the earphone jack only gives me the pre-record audio at least I will know how well the audio is being captured (how effective the directivity of the mic is) but there wil still be no way to verify that the audio has been recorded on the tape unless I stop  recording and do a playback to make sure.
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      mfox, in my very humble opinion the audio available from the headphone jack should give you the insight you need to tell if the audio is on track. If you are concerned that audio is being recorded properly, you might try the composite? output. These are just some opinions. Clean heads, good quality name brand tapes and monitoring the audio should give you good results. Keep shooting.

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