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      I have an idea for our Haunted House but am really new at video mixing. What we will have is the first camera will be looking at the "victim" and they see themselves on the monitor (TV). After a few seconds I want to mix the video and in the background bring in a live stream of the ghoul on camera 2 with an axe, knife whatever coming up behind the victim. When they look behind them there of course is nothing there. The ghoul will need to see the mixed video in order to position the axe or what ever. After a couple of scenes, the ghoul will seem to be closing their hands around the victims throat and again when they look, there is nothing there. When the victim looks back at the screen, all they see is themself until the ghoul step out of a hidden door and is actually behind them.   Any ideas? 

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      unless you have some BIG bucks you will need to make a generic video track that can play over the camera feed the green screen may not be nessisary.

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      You don't want green screen at all – if behind the person beimng scared is a huge green panel, it's going to not be that scary. If the scene behind them is dark, or has dark sections, then a simple video mixer will be able to blend them in in a spook way, and if they turn around, they only see the set, look at the screen, and there is a ghost! Not tricky this one at all.

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