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      I recently had some footage get damage from a live event I was covering. Shooting b-roll-ish clips for a recap of the event. I was able to salvage some and have some photos but to to compbine both to show full experience. Anyone seen or know a good technique to combine the two?


      Shot run and gun style with 5dmk3.

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      Stills can add a lot to a video, and it's too bad that more videographers don't make use of stills, when appropriate. 


      One technique I used was to zoom in and out of stills and do pan-and-scan across a still. You shooting video so you'll want to keep the visuals moving, otherwise a still could break the pacing the moving video has created.  


      Another option is to do what the old Kodak slide projectors used to do – put an image up on a portion of the screen, then fade to another image in another part of the screen and keep repeating. The images keep moving so again, the sense of motion continues.



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