Mirrorless 4K – Panasonic or Sony?

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      Been researching quite a bit on a mirrorless choice with 4K video support for about $1000 or so. Kind of amazing that Sony and Panasonic pretty much own this territory. Nikon is making a half hearted effort with the J5, but it can only manage 15 frames per second. Canon is completely asleep at the switch. Still scratching my head as to why they whiffed it with the EOS M6, and did not add 4K support. Especially when the M5 looked to be a pretty solid improvement over the earlier versions.

      Most all of the reviews boil down to this. The Panasonic G7 seems to be the best bargain and nearly half the price of the other two contenders. The G85 is attractive as it’s the only one of these three that have IBIS. Pretty huge feature, especially for video shooters. The Sony A6300 however, kills it in low light and auto focus. This has me almost ready to pull the trigger, but the well known overheating problems, and really dumb ergonomic choices have me hesitating. The biggest is the screen. It only tilts. Really Sony?

      Would love to hear from owners of any of these cameras.

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